How does the new movie player work?

Here's a small guide to the new player:

1: This is the area that shows the movie you have selected, you can see and select all the scenes under this movie.

2: This is the movie player area, when you have selected a movie it will start playing here, to be able to enjoy the movies, you'll need to activate Java Script
Another requirement is that you have the newest Adobe Flash Player installed (totally free) you can download it here

3: This area holds the new exciting "direct to action" thumbs, you can click on any thumb and the player will start playing the movie directly, showing the action from the thumb you've selected. No more waiting to see your favorite segments!(the player only needs to buffer for a few seconds.)
It is also possible to click directly on the player's timeline if you want to jump places in the movie.
Below the player you see the links with the 3 quality options, the quality you can watch depends on your internet speed.

4: These are the direct download links where you can save the entire scene to your hard drive as you're used to :) - The new things is that we have removed some of the mpegs and uploaded a high quality file (Windows Media Video, .WMV) and created some smaller mpegs for you too!

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  • 05-Jun-2015